Dr. Sabina DeVita

Dr. Sabina DeVita Ed.D., has been a long time environmentalist. When she became ill in the 1980’s, with environmental sensitivities, also known as ecological illness or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) whereby she experienced brain fog, fatigue, depression, headaches, red burning eyes and malaise, it changed her life path dramatically.

It was her ‘illness’ that turned her attention to natural healing methods and to researching a new phenomenon at the time for her own healing.  She discovered that she was reacting to many of the chemicals in the environment and to many of the foods, including her drinking water. She left public school teaching and guidance counseling to pursue a doctoral program in psychology on brain allergies, a rare combination not at all known or considered for mental health issues, even to this day.  Her university dissertation became the first work of its kind in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto as well as in environmental or ecological sciences.

As a doctoral student she discovered that she possessed a deep passion to share her research, knowledge and experiences with others. As a result, Dr. DeVita was prompted to end her teaching career, of eighteen years, in the public school system and begin her private practice in holistic health. She taught small group seminars over the course of the last 25 years along with furthering her in-depth studies in Energy Medicine and Nutrition. She helped countless numbers of people over the course of her 28 years in private practice utilizing cutting-edge, energy healing practices and energy technologies. She sourced  not only for holistic, energy techniques, but also for truly, organic, safe, whole natured botanicals, herbs and healing products.

In the late 90’s she discovered the power of real, organic, therapeutic grade A essential oils and the art & science of French medicinal aromatherapy. These precious and live-food essential oils were introduced into her practices and in all of her classes. Her love for the realm of the unknown and the mysterious- led her to incorporate evolutionary, meta-physical and spiritual principles in many of her programs.

She is an author of 7 books with one of her favourites called:  “Emotional Freedom Face-Lift”  (EFFL) that was published in 2010.

Her energy work initially opened the door to discovering the insidious toxic effects of electromagnetic pollution in the early 1990’s which led her to author her first book  entitled:
“Electromagnetic Pollution” whereby she outlined interesting energy discoveries as one of the neutralizing agents for EMF exposures as well as scalar devices.

In 2004, Dr. DeVita began her journey to offer certification to lead to recognized diplomas. The  Institute of Energy Wellness Studies (IEWS) was born. IEWS is the culmination of her personal studies, practices, teaching and research and was federally approved in 2006.

In 2007, she was trained and certified in a holistic essential oil technique and incorporated it into her program as a recognized program for all of Canada.

She founded the only school that teaches a full program in aromatic sciences giving people recognized accreditation as an Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner.

She holds Grand mastery in Belvaspata. She is a graduate from the Bio-geometry program on the physics of quality with both Dr. Robert Gilbert and Dr. Ibrahim Karim and she incorporates some of the simple bio- geometry principles in her EFFL and Vibrational books..

Through the institute’s programs, she desires to share the wealth, scope, depth and love for this wondrous field of holistic, organic, energy health & wellness approaches with all who choose to participate.